Food Entrepreneurs:  Go From Anxiety to Clarity


Do you know you need a lawyer, but you don't know exactly why? Are you worried about huge legal bills or getting duped?  Have you back-burnered your legal concerns in favor of product development, packaging, and sales...but still have that nagging feeling you aren't doing a good job protecting the business you've built? Are you feeling stuck and anxious, knowing that you're procrastinating, but just never get around to calling a lawyer because you aren't exactly sure how to proceed?

What if you could head into a meeting with your lawyer, knowing exactly what you want, why you want it, and what you are willing to pay for it? You could sleep well at night, knowing that you have done your best to protect the brand you've worked so hard to build. You could feel confident that you understand enough about the law to make smart decisions about your business. You understand when you should call your lawyer and when you could take a risk and go it alone. You won't get taken for a ride, because your legal knowledge puts you on a level playing field.

Now, with the information and tools on this site, you can transform yourself into a food entrepreneur who confidently handles your business -- legal or otherwise. Start by discovering when it makes sense to invest in legal help, how to find the money for legal when you really need it, and how to protect your operation with food-specific business insurance.

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